Syria’s Assad visits UAE in first trip to Arab state since 2011

Bashar al-Assad meets the rulers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai in first visit to an Arab state since the Syrian war erupted.  Al Jazeera English    18 Mar, 2022

Russia-Ukraine live news: Biden warns Xi against helping Putin

US president told Chinese counterpart of ‘implications and consequences’ should China back Russia, White House says.  Al Jazeera English    18 Mar, 2022

‘We waited for death’: Mariupol siege survivor recounts ordeal

The Ukrainian port city of Mariupol has been devastated by relentless Russian bombardment.  Al Jazeera English    18 Mar, 2022

Has Russia’s invasion of Ukraine stalled?

Moscow has yet to take over any of Ukraine’s biggest cities despite attacks by land, sea and air.  Al Jazeera English    18 Mar, 2022

UNSC: West dismisses Russian claims of bioweapons in Ukraine

Renewed Russian claims of biological weapons programme in Ukraine face rebuke at UN Security Council meeting.  Al Jazeera English    18 Mar, 2022

Zelenskyy: 130 rescued, ‘hundreds’ under Mariupol theatre rubble

Up to 1,000 may have been taking refuge underground at the time of the blast, which Ukraine blames on Russia.  Al Jazeera English    18 Mar, 2022

Russia’s war and peace scenarios in Ukraine

And the unique role of an unlikely mediator, China.  Al Jazeera English    18 Mar, 2022

Sudan: Russian influence and Ukraine war stir domestic tensions

Officials courted Russian influence but the interference and the war in Ukraine are catalysing tensions back in Sudan.  Al Jazeera English    18 Mar, 2022

Personal ties that bind: How Xi-Putin relationship has evolved

Close ties between two leaders unlikely to differ much in short term, even if China distances itself from Ukraine war.  Al Jazeera English    18 Mar, 2022

As war ravages Ukraine, refugee crisis hits Polish cities

While there is no shortage of generosity in Ukraine’s Central European neighbour, space runs out in several cities.  Al Jazeera English    18 Mar, 2022

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