Shane Warne, the showman who changed cricket forever

(Shane Warne, lo showman che ha cambiato per sempre il cricket)

Honest and genuine, competitive and gloriously talented, Shane Warne left behind a different, better sport to the one he found  Independent    04 Mar, 2022

Kremlin ramps up efforts to suppress Russian dissidents after Ukraine invasion

(Il Cremlino intensifica gli sforzi per sopprimere i dissidenti russi dopo l’invasione dell’Ucraina)

‘People are now being fired from their jobs, men are being prepared to be drafted into the army, everyone is in a very anxious mood’  Independent    04 Mar, 2022

We need an Economic Crime Bill to ensure Russian oligarchs are not let off the hook

(Abbiamo bisogno di un disegno di legge sulla criminalità economica per garantire che gli oligarchi russi non siano lasciati fuori dai guai)

Putin’s cronies should not be allowed any time to move their money before they face sanctions  Independent    04 Mar, 2022

From grandmothers to DJs, Ukrainians join forces to make weapons and army supplies for the war effort

(DJ, nonne e bottiglie Molotov: la forza di volontari ucraini si unisce contro la Russia)

Citizens across Ukraine are volunteering to make Molotov cocktails, anti-tank obstacles and military supplies to send to the front lines in the war against Russia, reports Bel Trew…  Independent    04 Mar, 2022

Meet the Russian businessman who just put a $1million bounty on Putin’s head

(Incontra l’uomo d’affari russo che ha appena messo una taglia di $ 1 milione sulla testa di Putin)

Interview: Alex Konanykhin claims Russian military trying to sabotage Ukraine invasion. He tells Andrew Buncombe why he’s taking a stand  Independent    04 Mar, 2022

In a twist, ‘Fortress’ Hungary opens doors to refugees from Ukraine after years of keeping migrants out

(In una svolta, la “Fortezza” dell’Ungheria apre le porte ai rifugiati dall’Ucraina dopo anni di tenere fuori i migranti)

Hungary’s anti-refugee stance has softened in light of Russia’s invasion but some observers fear the hospitality will be short-lived,  reports Borzou Daragahi in Zahony, on the Ukrainian border  Independent    04 Mar, 2022

Arise, Sir Gavin Williamson, for services to intergalactic idiocy

(Arise, Sir Gavin Williamson, per i servizi all’idiozia intergalattica)

The words ‘Sir Gavin Williamson’ might sound horrifying but they are, surely, a lot less horrifying than ‘Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson’  Independent    04 Mar, 2022

Ukraine-Russia war latest news: Zelensky responds to nuclear power plant attack

(Guerra Ucraina-Russia ultime notizie: l’attacco alle centrali nucleari “è arrivato vicino alla catastrofe”)

ukraine invasion news  Independent    04 Mar, 2022

Refugees Welcome: Dom Joly and Natasha Kaplinsky add their support to our Ukraine appeal

(Rifugiati benvenuti: Dom Joly e Natasha Kaplinsky aggiungono il loro sostegno al nostro appello per l’Ucraina)

Comedian and writer Dom Joly and TV presenter Natasha Kaplinsky have both called on people to support our fundraising campaign to help those in Ukraine and those fleeing…  Independent    04 Mar, 2022

Does the west need to start preparing for the post-Putin era?

(L’Occidente ha bisogno di iniziare a prepararsi per l’era post-Putin?)

The signs are already multiplying of unhappiness within two crucial social strata in Russia: the elite and the professional middle class, writes Mary Dejevsky  Independent    03 Mar, 2022

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