Apple Event: Everything We Know About the March 8 ‘Peek Performance’ Event – CNET

(Evento Apple: tutto ciò che sappiamo sull’evento “Peek Performance” dell’8 marzo)

At least three new Apple products could take the stage at the virtual event next week.  CNET    03 Mar, 2022

Long COVID Patients May Develop Nerve Damage: Study – WebMD

(I pazienti COVID lunghi possono sviluppare danni ai nervi: studio)

Some patients with long COVID may have long-lasting nerve damage that could lead to fatigue, sensory changes, and pain in the hands and feet, according to a new…  WebMD    03 Mar, 2022

2nd round of Russia-Ukraine talks end with agreement on safe corridors for aid, evacuation – CBC News

(Il 2° round di colloqui Russia-Ucraina si conclude con un accordo su corridoi sicuri per gli aiuti, l’evacuazione)

Russian forces battled for control of a crucial energy-producing city in Ukraine’s south on Thursday and gained ground in their bid to cut off the country from the…  CBC News    03 Mar, 2022

Neutron stars release warm winds as they devour companion stars –

(Le stelle di neutroni rilasciano venti caldi mentre divorano le stelle compagne)

When neutron stars siphon matter from a stellar companion, some of that matter is spit back out into space, creating never-before-seen warm winds, a new study shows.    03 Mar, 2022

Conservative MP Scott Aitchison preparing a bid for party leadership – Global News

(Il deputato conservatore Scott Aitchison prepara un’offerta per la leadership del partito)

The two-time Parry Sound-Muskoka MP is expected to announce his candidacy for Conservative leader next week, will focus campaign on tone and character.  Global News    03 Mar, 2022

N.L. gas prices to skyrocket Friday, say multiple gas station owners –

(I prezzi del gas N.L. saliranno alle stelle venerdì, dicono più proprietari di stazioni di servizio)

CBC News has learned the maximum price of gas in Newfoundland and Labrador will skyrocket by about 15 cents per litre on Friday, according to multiple gas stations.  CBC News    03 Mar, 2022

Federal government warns Canadians against fighting for Russia in Ukraine – CP24 Toronto’s Breaking News

(Il governo federale mette in guardia i canadesi dal combattere per la Russia in Ucraina)

Ottawa is warning that Canadians who decide to fight for Russia in Ukraine could face severe consequences, even as it acknowledges for the first time uncertainties about whether…  CP24 Toronto’s Breaking News    03 Mar, 2022

Samsung caught throttling 10,000 phone apps—and its own home screen – Ars Technica

(Samsung ha sorpreso a limitare 10.000 app del telefono e la propria schermata iniziale)

Samsung’s “Game Optimizing Service” throttles just about every app you can think of.  Ars Technica    03 Mar, 2022

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