How to get free at-home rapid tests from

You can now order free Covid-19 rapid tests that will be delivered to your mailbox — but you’ll only get a few.

  Recode    18 Jan, 2022
Microsoft is buying Activision-Blizzard, makers of Call of Duty and Candy Crush

Microsoft-Activision is like Disney-Fox. Maybe bigger.

  Recode    18 Jan, 2022
DoorDash, Gopuff, Jokr: Instant delivery and the promise of customer convenience

The pandemic changed how shoppers think about convenience, but on-demand delivery can only offer so much.

  Recode    13 Jan, 2022
5G and airlines: Why the FAA is worried about cell phones again

The FAA is worried about your cell phone again.

  Recode    12 Jan, 2022
John Deere’s autonomous tractor brings us one step closer to self-farming farms

John Deere will start selling autonomous tractors later this year

  Recode    08 Jan, 2022
Electric cars aren’t just vehicles. They’re big batteries.

To get more Americans in electric vehicles, we all need to realize they can do much more than just get us around.

  Recode    08 Jan, 2022
Do rapid tests work with omicron? Should I swab my throat? Some Covid questions, answered

Rapid tests work with omicron, but there are caveats.

  Recode    07 Jan, 2022
Why the New York Times is buying the Athletic

A big bet with real risk and reward.

  Recode    06 Jan, 2022
New York Times star columnist Ben Smith leaves to create a media startup

Ben Smith had one of the coolest jobs in journalism. Now he wants to do something else.

  Recode    05 Jan, 2022
The FTC refiles its case against Facebook

Despite an initial setback, the regulatory agency is proceeding with its lawsuit to limit Facebook’s market power.

  Recode    19 Aug, 2021

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