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WHO approves Indian-made COVID vaccine for emergency use - BusinessWorld Online

THE WORLD Health Organization (WHO) granted emergency authorization to a COVID-19 vaccine co-developed by India’s medical-research agency and local manufacturer Bharat Biotech International Ltd., ending a months-long wait...

  BusinessWorld Online    04 Nov, 2021
Cause of mysterious brain-invading-fungus outbreak finally discovered -

Scientists think this is just one of many fungi increasing its habitable range due to climate change.

  Live Science    04 Nov, 2021
Moderna shares fall after company cuts 2021 forecast for Covid vaccine sales - CNBC

Moderna shares fell Thursday after it cut its Covid-19 vaccine sales forecast for the year and missed earnings and revenue expectations for the third quarter.

  CNBC    04 Nov, 2021
Investors Lose Thousands Of Dollars After 'Squid Game' Inspired Cryptocurrency Collapses - NBC News

Investors are calling scam after losing thousands of dollars in "Squid," a "Squid Game" inspired cryptocurrency, collapsed. The project's unknown creators ap...

  YouTube    04 Nov, 2021
Fowl play? 'Bird of the Year' winner in New Zealand contest is a bat -

The winner by a nose (not a beak) was pekapeka-tou-roa, also known as New Zealand's long-tailed bat.

  Live Science    04 Nov, 2021
Yuka Saso says 'immensely proud of dual heritage' as she confirms citizenship switch -

Yuka Saso may have chosen to become a Japanese citizen, but she is never one to forget her roots.

  YouTube    04 Nov, 2021
Curfew in Cebu City to remain in effect - Manila Bulletin

The Nation's Leading Newspaper    04 Nov, 2021
A digital patient access program for advanced breast cancer patients - Manila Bulletin

The Nation's Leading Newspaper    04 Nov, 2021
Delta-driven surge in Metro Manila now 'reversed' — OCTA -

"We are back to where we were before the surge in July," said Prof. Guido David. "The good news is not just in NCR."

  Philippine Star    04 Nov, 2021

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