Angry Georgia mom claims airline ‘lost my child’ in viral TikTok video

A Georgia mom in a viral TikTok video is upset with American Airlines after her 12-year-old daughter traveled alone in the “unaccompanied minors” program, the mom told Fox…  08 Jul, 2022 .Fox News

NYC women attacked fast food employees over dipping sauce fee in viral video: police

A viral TikTok shows three customers causing hundreds of dollars in damages to a Manhattan restaurant and injuring two employees over a $1.75 fee for extra sauce.  08 Jul, 2022 Fox News

Mike Pompeo on assassination of Shinzo Abe: ‘This is horrific’

Fox News contributor and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reflects on the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the effect his death could have…  08 Jul, 2022 Fox News

Elon Musk tells Twitter he’s terminating deal to buy social media giant

Elon Musk is terminating the agreement to by buy Twitter, alleging that the social media giant made “false and misleading representations.”  08 Jul, 2022 Fox News

Elon Musk, Twitter users mock Biden for reading ‘End of Quote’ from teleprompter during live address

Elon Musk and conservative Twitter users mocked the president’s latest gaffe, in which Biden appeared to read stage directions while announcing his abortion executive order.  08 Jul, 2022 Fox News

School choice advocate slams ‘despicable’ criticism from unions of Arizona school voucher bill

Nicole Neily, founder and president of Parents Defending Education, slams teachers’ unions for pushing a woke agenda in the classroom and the critics against Arizona’s school choice bill.  08 Jul, 2022 Fox News

‘Joe Biden and the Democrats are lying’ to the American people: Rep. Malliotakis

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-NY, weighs in on NY bodega killing and slams the Democrats’ desperate attempts to convince Americans the economy is in good shape.  08 Jul, 2022 Fox News

Gianno Caldwell slams soft-on-crime policies: ‘This must change’.

Fox News’ Gianno Caldwell discusses the need for law and order in light of the skyrocketing crime rates in U.S. cities and his brother being murdered in Chicago  08 Jul, 2022 Fox News

Biden signs executive order protecting abortion access

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley provides reaction and analysis to the president’s ‘curious’ remarks.  08 Jul, 2022 Fox News

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