Kenya on high alert following latest Ebola outbreak in DR Congo –    01 May, 2022

Black Moon solar eclipse looks otherworldly in stunning images –

Space and land views showed the moon taking a bite out of the sun on April 30.  Live Science    01 May, 2022

OPT-302 combination therapy with ranibizumab for PCV shows VA gains, anatomic improvements in phase 2b trial – Modern…

At ARVO 2022, Jason S. Slakter, MD, presents data on the efficacy and safety of OPT-302 when combined with ranibizumab for polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy.    01 May, 2022

Saturn’s moon Titan may be more Earth-like than we thought – Digital Trends

New research suggests that Titan’s seasonal cycle could be responsible for forming features like sand dunes and plains.  Digital Trends    01 May, 2022

Wemax Go Advanced: the ultra-thin projector rated for ALPD at 1080p is released for general sale –

Wemax’ success with its ~1-inch high Go portable projector allowed the brand to take it off Indiegogo and onto ‘normal’ sales channels earlier in 2022. Now, it has…    01 May, 2022

Hubble Space Telescope images exceptionally fluffy galaxy – Digital Trends

In this week’s image from the Hubble Space Telescope, you can see an unusual type of galaxy called an ultra-diffuse galaxy.  Digital Trends    01 May, 2022

Best Garmin Watches of 2022 – Futurism

Whether you are a runner, golfer, triathlete or simply looking for a stylish Garmin watch, here are the best Garmin watches available right now.  Futurism    01 May, 2022

Outspoken market analyst’s Chinese social media accounts suspended – CNA

SHANGHAI: The Chinese social media accounts of an outspoken Hong Kong-based market strategist were suspended after a series of downbeat commentaries and a slump in mainland equities to…  CNA    01 May, 2022

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness scene causes backlash in China – The Independent

A tiny detail in one scene could prevent film from being shown in China  Independent    01 May, 2022

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