Putin has ‘grown more risk tolerant’: Dan Hoffman

Former CIA station chief Dan Hoffman argues that ‘there has to be a legitimate concern, as unlikely as it might be, that Russia would resort to using some…  Fox News    20 Mar, 2022

If NATO maintains solidarity, Putin ‘forced to back down’: Expert

Atlantic Council senior fellow Matthew Bryza on how President Biden and U.S. allies should respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  Fox News    20 Mar, 2022

Russia to open stock market this week: Impact will be ‘internal,’ not global

Russia has kept its stock market closed for three weeks as officials sought to avoid a market death spiral due to a sell-off and heavily inflated currency.  Fox News    20 Mar, 2022

Former Ukrainian president calls for 5-step peace plan amid Russian invasion: ‘Putin attacked the whole West’

The former president of Ukraine unveiled a five-point plan for peace as the nation remains under siege at the hands of Russian forces. Petro Poroshenko joined ‘Fox News…  Fox News    20 Mar, 2022

Jimmy Hoffa: “Bury him right there”

The new episode of Fox Nation’s “Riddle: The Search for James R. Hoffa” takes you to the spot where the FBI is investigating if the legendary Teamsters leader…  Fox News    20 Mar, 2022

World needs to stop Putin’s ‘pure evil’ in Ukraine: Deputy foreign minister

Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzheppar warns that Putin’s destruction will spread if Russian forces are not stopped in Ukraine.  Fox News    20 Mar, 2022

Sasse: Saudi oil deal with China is ‘big, bad thing,’ that could be sign of global shift away…

News that Saudi Arabia is considering pricing oil sales to China using the Chinese yuan instead of the U.S. dollar has Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., concerned the U.S….  Fox News    20 Mar, 2022

Hunter Biden story resurrected

Press, Twitter buried it during campaign  Fox News    20 Mar, 2022

Bloomberg op-ed slammed for saying inflation ‘stings most’ for those making under 300K: ‘Don’t buy in bulk’

Political commentators and more criticized a Bloomberg tweet and op-ed that suggested trying “lentils instead of meat” and taking the bus as a way to avoid increased prices…  Fox News    20 Mar, 2022

Mariupol officials claim Russian troops forcibly relocated thousands of residents: LIVE UPDATES

Russia continued its barrage of Ukraine in the fourth week of the war, pressing deeper into the devastated city of Mariupol this weekend where local officials claimed Russian…  Fox News    20 Mar, 2022

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