White House pre-screened questions from TikTok influencers during special briefing last week, attendees say

When the White House invited TikTok stars for a briefing last week on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Biden administration pre-screened their questions, several attendees told FOX Business.  Fox News    17 Mar, 2022

Woman reunites with Ukrainian grandmother at refugee center in Slovakia

Fox News’ Alex Hogan reports from Michalovce, Slovakia.  Fox News    17 Mar, 2022

Ukraine lawmaker updates on rescue efforts after Russia bombed theater

Ukrainian parliament member Mariia Ionova discusses strategy to combat targeted Russian airstrikes on ‘America Reports.’  Fox News    17 Mar, 2022

Switchblade drones US sending to Ukraine may be ‘game changers’

The 40 minute loiter time and ability to call off strikes provide new dimensions to Ukraine’s capabilities that will enhance standoff potential with Russia.  Fox News    17 Mar, 2022

Sen. Graham: Biden needs to embrace the thought that Ukraine can win

Senator Lindsey Graham calls on Ukrainians to ‘stay in this fight’ after Vladimir Putin vowed to rid Russia of ‘scum and traitors.’  Fox News    17 Mar, 2022

Russian population divided over war, tens of thousands seek exile in neighboring countries, expert says

Expert described Russians’ split over the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine.  Fox News    17 Mar, 2022

Ukrainians under siege suffering from ‘severe anxiety, mental anguish’

Fox News contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat has traveled to Ukraine to provide refugees with medical attention and gives ‘America Reports’ on update on conditions.  Fox News    17 Mar, 2022

Top Russian general reportedly detained as Putin targets ‘traitors’ amid Ukraine invasion

Gen. Roman Gavrilov, deputy chief of Russian National Guard “Rosgvardia” was reportedly detained Thursday as Russian President Vladimir Putin promised a “purification” of his country to weed out…  Fox News    17 Mar, 2022

‘Outnumbered’ on Biden calling Putin a war criminal as Russia-Ukraine war rages on

The panel reacted to President Biden’s response to Putin’s imvasion of Ukraine ahead of a phone call scheduled between Biden and China’s Xi Jinping.  Fox News    17 Mar, 2022

Ukraine official: People are ‘coming out alive’ after Mariupol theater hit by Russia: LIVE UPDATES

A Ukraine parliament member says “people are coming out alive” after a theater in Mariupol was severely damaged Wednesday by a Russian airstrike. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s office…  Fox News    17 Mar, 2022

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