28-04-2023 15:00

The US government is planning to mandate natural gas-fired power plants to install technology for capturing carbon emissions, as part of President Biden’s efforts to decarbonize the power sector within 12 years.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to announce new standards for existing and new power plants that contribute to around 25% of US greenhouse gas emissions. The rules would replace former President Trump’s American Clean Energy rule and former President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, both of which were invalidated by courts. The new rules will be based on a plant’s potential to reduce emissions via carbon capture and storage technology.

The proposal is expected to create a level playing field between new gas plants and new renewable energy, making it harder for gas plants to compete with solar and wind power.

Difficult words: mandate (to require something to be done), invalidate (to make something invalid or not true), potential (possibility).

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